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Do you find computers frustrating?

Do you find that yesterday it was fine, and today for no reason at all that it just doesn't want to play nicely?

Do you feel it is ruling your life?

At the most inconvenient time does it decides to play up? (You cannot do any work on it, pay the bills, your kids are hassling you to play their online games, and you still cant even do the simplest of things like email).

Have you rang your friends asking questions on how to fix it? (who in turn have a friend that did something to theirs, only to find that the person, is not so up to date with computers as they thought).

You have called your local computer shop who will fix your computer but you have to unplug all the cables, take it to them and leave it there for a week or more? And then you don't remember where each plug goes?

Do you not know where to start looking to design a website, or even how to get one on the Internet?
What are the costs and hidden costs involved? How do you get goggle or other search engines to find your page(s)?

What about an Internet Home/Office Package, what are the best plans for you? Not sure where to look?
(We will help find the best plan for you and help get you set up.)

If you answered "Yes" to more than one of the above questions, they why not give us a call to discuss your issue or contact us.
We'll come to you  - No need to take your computer apart, and if we can't fix it, then there is no cost or call out fee.
On Site Fix             - In most cases we should be able to fix it on-site, and no need to take it away.
Technical Skill       - We have over 30 years in I.T. and communications, so we have some very fairly extensive knowledge
Privacy                   - All data on your computer will remain safe as we will work there with you.
Competitive Rates - You just pay for the service time, so there are no other costs or overheads supported by call centre's
                                         or management.
Web Design            - Design your logo, take product photographs, build and deploy your website.
Ongoing Support    - We can setup remote access to your computer for maintenance and support for peace of mind.
What we Offer:
*Conditions apply, please see Terms & Conditions for full details.
MSF Computing
MSF Computing