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Make_List =Control_Data!$A3:$A1030  (Make_List is the Defined name in the workbook for cell A3:A1030)
Make    Start Count
Canon 1 47
Orion 48 1
1 Canon iR C2570 PCL5c 'Canon iR C2570 PCL5c' 'Canon' 'PRINT1:ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/Prndrv/winXP/Canon iR C2570 PCL5c/ndps.inf' P5
2 Canon iR C2570 PS3 'Canon iR C2570 PS3' 'Canon' 'PRINT1:ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/Prndrv/winXP/Canon iR C2570 PS3/ndps.inf' PS
3 Canon iR C2880/C3380 'Canon iR C2880/C3380 PCL5c' 'Canon' 'PRINT1:ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/Prndrv/winXP/Canon iR C2880_C3380 PCL5c/ndps.inf' P5
48 Eltron Orion 'Eltron Orion' 'Eltron' 'PRINT1:ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/Prndrv/winXP/Eltron Orion/ndps.inf' VD
This example of a complex Excel function was requested to lookup through a list of supplied print drivers and workout the starting row for each Make, and how many of the Make there were.

First we define a
Name List in the workbook from the worksheet containing the list, we are calling it Make_List
Make_List is a dynamic list in the $A column. From this will make an array.
The following formula, will read the Make_List file match any found same MAKE and count and populate the Two columns Start & Count.

As shown in the last table.
The resulting array
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