Are you secure? Are you protected? The only real way to protect your data is not to connect to the Internet, but in today's world that is not really feasible. The continued use of the internet for business and personal use is growing at an enormous rate and the requirements of security have become more and more prevalent.

So with that in mind and knowing that while you are on the internet anyone could have the potential to access your computer(s). Everything on your computer is available to be access and duplicated, and all the time your computer is open to viruses/adware attacks that spread via many different methods over networks.

Therefore its important that you have a firewall in place to safeguard not only your computer but also your network. A firewall controls all access between your network and the internet and makes sure the only information you want to share is accessible. A firewall can block and safeguard your computer from unauthorised access to your data and protects you against network borne viruses/adware.

Most computers have a built in firewall and many of broadband/internet modems and routers also have built-in firewalls so you shouldn't need any additional software or hardware to protect you or your businesses data.

So with that in mind are you sure your network is safe, l
et us check and tweak your configuration and advise you on the best safe guard for your data.
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A typical Internet & Firewall Security computer network
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