Onsite Support:
As we have already said, if our technician is unable to fix your issue there is no call out fee or charge to you. We have structured our rates based on a 15 minute interval after the initial one(1) hour cost of $90. Therefore our technician will quote you for the job before he starts any work, so you are both on the same page. So if he quotes you for 1.5 hours the cost will be $135. If he takes two(2) hours to complete the job, then there is no extra cost to you. If he finishes in 1 Hour and 10 minutes the cost will be $112.50 based on the 15 minutes interval.

Computer Upgrades / Migrations:
Most upgrades for a standard laptop or desktop we have found to complete on average three to four(4) hours. So most upgrades would cost around $270-$360 to have a technician migrate all your data from one computer to another, of course depends on the amount data you have on your hard drive.

Website Design & Development:
Our web design costs for a very basic single page website is $295, domain name and hosting setup.

For a more complex website which could include databases, user logins, shopping carts, etc... Costs range from around $1500 to $5000, we analyse your requirements and tailor your website to you and your business, so why not contact us for a competitive rate and a discussion on your requirements.
How much will it cost me?
How Much Will It Cost Me?
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